About High Country Electric

SC Electric has been in business since June of 2010. Sal (owner) and John (lead electrician) worked together to build the foundation that we here now call home. Sal has worked hard to provide the best care and stable living for his family and employees. Most of SC Electric’s employees are Sal’s family, Grandsons, Granddaughter in-laws. But even the employees who aren’t blood-related are treated as if they were. For over 10 years we have worked closely with builders that specialize in designing custom finished basements. We have experience in whole house remodels, as well as custom home construction. Each employee is trained hands-on and is taught to live and breathe the National Electrical Code so that you have the confidence and we have the ability to provide you with safe service.

Our Team

Sal is the Owner and backbone of this company. Sal was given the opportunity to break off from the electrical company he worked for and start his own. Asking that John come work with him, the two of them started with only a couple of builders and now has grown a flourishing company. For many years Sal has put much time and energy in cultivating close working relationships with not only his builders but long time customers who are acquired exclusively on a referral basis.
John is our remodel master. There is nothing John cant troubleshoot and nothing he cant remodel in. He is our head electrician who has been in the trade for over 25 years. He has personally trained many of our electricians. His knowledge of the electrical code is so extensive many times he can recite it from memory.
Dakota is a John’s right hand man, them together are the rock and roll to the company. Dakota rocks his own jobs and is fast while being efficient. Don’t judge the fluffy hair, he will always make your day better because he is always happy and wants others to laugh. He can spend hours in the itchy attic without complaining or wire a whole basement in a matter of days, he will still have a smile on his face
Parker, Sal’s second oldest grandson, is newly licensed and has taken a new leap in his electrical career. He started when he was 16 and is now taking on he own jobs, enjoying every minute of his work. He loves making up the sub panels and pulling homeruns, everything has its place on his jobs and all the homeowners love him. Every day he learns something new and is excited to keep learning with each project.
Cody and Savannah
Cody has over 10 years of experience in the trade and currently operates as the companies Field Operations Manager while Savannah handles the responsibilities of Office Administrator. Cody works closely with our custom builders and new builders. He often spends his time meeting with customers and preparing diverse electrical estimates ranging from small electrical jobs such as hot tub hook ups to service changes or even the wiring of an entire custom home. Cody acts as the companies representative for many of the companies we work directly with, such as, Generac Generators, Urban Lights, and many electrical suppliers in the Denver area. Savannah has been with High Country Electric since 2018 and will be the one that you see emails from. She makes sure licenses for the company are up to date, accounts are squared away, and time cards are filled out. Although both spend a fair amount of time in the office, neither are afraid to strap the tools on and help get a job done.
Currently finishing up high school and plans to continue his education in Diesel Mechanics. Despite being our newest apprentice, he works hard and strives to learn the fundamentals of being a hard worker. During the summer and on his days off from school, he is in the field learning the ins and outs of the Electrical trade.